Help With Leafleting

I have just received the first set of leaflets and I am seeking help to distribute them throughout Cumbria. I have reached out to a few individuals who previously expressed interest via email, but I would greatly appreciate assistance from anyone else who is capable and willing to help.

In addition, I am arranging meetings across the constituency and would be thankful for information about any groups of supporters in specific areas, as well as suggestions for potential meeting venues.

While I have received several offers to help with leaflet distribution, there is a shortage of volunteers for canvassing. If you are interested in contributing to canvassing efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am committed to addressing local issues to the best of my ability, and although I am not currently the Member of Parliament, I am in a position to advocate for and address these concerns, which motivated me to take this role, so please do contact me if you think I could help in any way.

The ‘Contract With You’ which was unveiled following the spring conference, is now available on my website to view – Your feedback on the policies would be appreciated, as it helps inform the party. Additionally, please let me know if there are any policies you believe are crucial and currently missing.

Best Wishes,



Reform UK Cumbria James Townley
Reform UK Cumbria James Townley 2