Immigration: We Need to Think About More Than Just Money & Staff The discourse around immigration frequently highlights its positive impact on the economy and healthcare system. However, as a nation, we must consider the broader implications.

Lee Anderson and Suella Braverman have correctly identified ongoing and emerging challenges. The reality is that the difficulties associated with immigration can far outweigh any potential economic gain. A primary concern is the issue of illegal immigration. The uncertainty of not knowing who is entering the UK poses a huge risk to national security. It is essential to ensure our safety and to expect that those who arrive are prepared to abide by our laws and contribute to our society.

Several regions in the UK are home to migrant communities that have failed to integrate. These groups live in isolation, disengaged from the British way of life. This separation fosters division within our society. Anyone choosing to reside in the UK should embrace our customs, participate in our society, and adhere to our legal system.

I am weary of witnessing individuals use race and orientation as shields against law enforcement or to avoid genuine and necessary conversations because it’s not what they want to hear. There is a prevalent reluctance to confront issues that are evidently problematic in our country today.

When addressing immigration, it is crucial to prioritise our security, cultural values, our nation’s capacity to support immigration, and the pursuit of mutual integration that benefits everyone. These are the critical factors for the future prosperity of our country.