Stay Connected: Safeguarding Rural and Elderly Communications in the Digital Shift


I recognise the real issues with phasing out landline telephone services, especially for our rural and elderly residents who rely on them. The move away from traditional copper landline networks to a digital system could leave people without a crucial lifeline, especially in areas with frequent power cuts and spotty internet.

Here’s what I plan to do about it:

Update the Universal Service Obligation: I’ll push for changes to make sure the Universal Service Obligation keeps landline services up and running where they’re still needed.

Fund Reliable Alternatives: We need to back up reliable, affordable options like satellite phones or VoIP systems with battery backups that work when the power goes out.

Introduce Stronger Laws for Service Maintenance: I’ll work on laws to make sure telecom firms keep providing basic services to those at risk, like our elderly and people in rural spots, especially during emergencies.

Financial Help for New Tech: I plan to get financial help for those who need to switch to new tech, making sure no one’s cut off as things change.

Tougher Rules on Dropping Services: I’ll argue for stricter rules to stop telecom companies from dropping services without a solid replacement, focusing on power cut prone areas..

Communication is a right everyone should have, no matter where they live or how old they are. I’m determined to make sure our community doesn’t lose its voice in the digital age.