Campaign for Safer and Better-Maintained Roads in Cumbria

My campaign is dedicated to ensuring that the roads of Cumbria are not only safer for all who travel on them but also maintained to a standard that reflects their crucial role in our daily lives and the local economy. Recent road “improvements” have drawn significant funds with questionable impact on the very issues they claim to address. It is time for practical, evidence-based solutions that directly tackle the problems at hand.

Key Campaign Points:

Effective Use of Funds: Challenge the allocation of funds for road “improvements” like the £900,000 average speed cameras at Newby Bridge, which offer limited solutions to the real issues causing accidents and fatalities. Advocate for cost-effective alternatives such as clearer speed reduction signage.

Strategic Infrastructure Changes: Call for the immediate start of road widening and the creation of a slip road at Newby Bridge, as well as the prohibition of right turns from the service station, to prevent accidents and save lives. Argue for the necessity of a new roundabout outside the service station for better traffic flow and safety.

Questioning Project Costs: Demand an enquiry into the reported £20 million cost for a much-needed roundabout at Gilpin Bridge. Scrutinise such high expenditure and ensure that funds are promptly allocated to this critical project.

Pothole Repairs: Highlight the staggering £12 billion cost to repair Britain’s pothole-ridden roads and the nine-year backlog it represents. Address the impact of halved annual road maintenance budgets on the quality and safety of our roads.

Increase Accountability: Implement strict accountability measures for road projects to identify and correct inefficiencies, overspending, and to prevent unnecessary delays.

Benchmarking Against Best Practices: Compare the costs and planning processes of UK road projects with successful examples from other countries, such as Norway, to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Expedite Planning Processes: Address the extensive delays and high costs associated with planning applications, using the Lower Thames Crossing as a case study. Advocate for streamlined procedures to avoid inflationary costs and wasteful spending.

Our roads are the lifelines that connect our communities, and it is unacceptable for them to be compromised by ineffective spending and inadequate maintenance. Through this campaign, we will work tirelessly to ensure that every pound spent on our roads translates into tangible safety benefits and that our infrastructure meets the demands of our growing population. Join us in demanding a safer, more reliable future for Cumbria’s road network.