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Revive and Thrive: A Campaign to Save Our Hospitality and High Streets In the heart of our communities lie the hospitality sector and the high…

Stay Connected: Safeguarding Rural and Elderly Communications in the Digital Shift   I recognise the real issues with phasing out landline telephone services, especially for…

I will advocate for granting local governments increased authority to tailor their policies and services to better meet the specific needs of their respective communities.

Many of our water bodies are under threat from the mismanagement of United Utilities and other agencies turning a blind eye. We need to take action now.

Our council’s are struggling to keep up with the infrastructure, and maintenance strain from tourism. We need sustainable tourism

We need to support all farmers but especially those nestled into the hills of Cumbria who hold our communities together.

We need to keep our surgeries and hospitals from threats of closure. Continued support is the best form of prevention.

Our roads are causing deaths weekly. Most of these deaths can be prevented by sensible changes to our road networks.