James Townley
Party Candidate
Brief info

I’ve lived in the South Lakes area for most of my life and hold a deep-rooted love for the Lake District, a place I'm fortunate to call home. Despite ventures that have led me across the country and globally, I've consistently returned to the Lake District, building my future here. My wife Arabella, who lived in London when we first met, working in TV, joined me in 2018, where she now runs a shop in Milnthorpe and makes bespoke curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings, and together, we are raising two wonderful boys. Our family and work life in South Lakes is a testament to the area’s potential as a thriving and nurturing community.

As for my professional journey, after finishing school, I pursued Landscape Design & Construction at Myerscough College. This led me to establish and run a successful landscape construction business until my late twenties. Seeking new challenges, I transitioned careers and learned to fly helicopters at Blackpool Airport. This new skill allowed me to set up a charter business offering both business and pleasure flights around Cumbria and throughout the country. However, the birth of my first child in 2018 marked a shift in my priorities. This, coupled with a series of unfortunate helicopter accidents involving close acquaintances, prompted me to revaluate my career trajectory. Choosing to prioritise my family and personal safety, I decided to return to my roots in construction and forestry work.

I am deeply honoured to be a Reform UK prospective parliamentary candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale. This significant opportunity allows me to prove how I might serve and represent a community close to my heart. Having lived here all my life, I truly understand our specific strengths and the issues we face, and I'm eager to leverage this knowledge and my diverse experiences to advocate for policies that will foster our growth in all areas.

As a prospective parliamentary candidate for Westmorland & Lonsdale, my connection to this area goes beyond mere geography; it's deeply personal and generational. My family's roots in Cumbria run deep, with generations having lived, worked, and contributed to the community’s here. We have not only run businesses in the region, but also raised our families here, instilling in them a profound love and respect for the area and its people. This has given me a unique perspective on both the challenges and opportunities that exist within our community, as well as a deep-seated commitment to its wellbeing and prosperity. In essence, my connection to this area is not just a matter of birth right or business interest. It is a heartfelt bond, tied to the land and its people, and a deep sense of responsibility to ensure the growth and development of this community that my family and I hold dear.

My decision to stand as the Reform Party's candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale stems from a growing concern about our community's slow pace of change. I have been a supporter of the Conservative party for many years but now find myself unable to support the party with the decisions that have been made in recent times and the feeling that we just aren’t going forwards cannot be ignored.

A vote for the Reform party wouldn’t be a vote for Labour as the Conservatives say, it’ll be a vote for some real change from both parties which this country desperately needs. While I hold great respect for Tim Farron, I believe it's time for a more assertive party and candidate to address our area’s pressing issues. From ensuring safer roads to tackling sewage concerns in our cherished water bodies, advocating for the farming community, and tackling crime. I am committed to restoring our county's tranquillity. It's also crucial to safeguard our local healthcare services, keeping GP practices operational and protecting our hospitals from closure threats.

The decline of our village communities, local shops, and high streets has been a troubling sight for me. I believe that these elements are the bedrock of healthy communities, and their deterioration is an issue I am determined to address. It's not just about preserving our traditions, but also about fostering a sense of belonging and unity. This is a challenge I am prepared to tackle head-on, as I am convinced revitalizing our local communities is crucial for our overall wellbeing and prosperity. I want to fight for these issues with real solutions that solve problems and solve them quickly too. Having experienced the diverse communities and lifestyles within Westmorland & Lonsdale and witnessing first hand the challenges and strengths of this wonderful area, and I am eager to transform this insight into effective action for the betterment of Westmorland and Lonsdale.

I am eager to delve deeper into the specific challenges that are being faced within Westmorland & Lonsdale and I am looking forward to working with the local people to help carve a better future for us all.

As a prospective parliamentary candidate for Reform UK, James has shown a commendable grasp on the challenges of tourism pressure, the second home market, and local business support in Westmorland and Lonsdale. His balanced approach to sustainable tourism and commitment to tackling the second home crisis while bolstering local businesses is exactly what our constituency needs. I am confident that James is the right choice for addressing these pressing issues, and he has my full support in the upcoming election.


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